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What is a Move-In Ready Home?

Posted by Devri Roubidoux on July 2, 2019
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July 2, 2019

As a local homebuilder serving the Treasure Valley, our passion is building homes. And when it comes to home building, many of our homeowners choose to build their home from the ground up with us, based on our available floorplans in one of our desirable communities. However, we don’t just build homes for buyers, we also offer move-in ready homes. What is a move-in ready home? A move-in ready home is a brand new home, never before lived in, that can be purchased by a prospective buyer, at any stage of the construction process (foundation, framing, cabinets/selections, or fully completed and staged). In most cases, our move-in ready homes can be purchased and moved into as fast your lender will allow. Many of our move-in ready homebuyers love the convenience of quickly moving into a new home that’s finished with the latest and greatest features, without requiring the lengthier time and attention that comes with a new home build job.


At Boise Hunter Homes we help distinguish our move-in ready homes that are still being built by telling you the month in which they’ll be ready. Each community is different in terms of its timeline for completion on move-in ready homes because of factors such as lot size, square footage, bedroom count, and garage space. All of our move-in ready homes come with our amazing standard features and some have been upgraded to include custom finishes you’d only find in a personalized new home build job. Regardless, our move-in ready homes are brand new, never before lived in, and typically offer the most affordable price per square footage in our communities.


For a list of our move-in ready homes, which we update at least weekly, please reference our move-in ready page.

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