Boise Hunter Homes Warranty on Every Home We Build


Once your Boise Hunter home is completed and you’re all moved in, you can begin to truly enjoy the home you’ve created!  During this time in your new place, the house itself may experience a few “growing pains” after the dust has settled – something that is definitely normal, and we fully understand.  For this reason, we are proud to extend a One-Year Warranty on every home we build.

In our continued effort to improve the quality and communication in our Warranty Service Department, we have added a ‘Homeowner Portal’ that will allow you to submit and view your service needs online.

Simply follow the steps listed below and accomplish the online connection:

1.  In the address line on your web browser type in: http://boisehunterhomes.punchlistmanager.net/Login/Login
This will take you to the login screen where you will type in the following login and password.

Login:  primary contact email address

Password: boisehunter
2.  You’ll be able to:
a.  Submit Requests
b.  View Requests
c.  View Homeowner’s Manual
d.  View FAQ’s
e.  Print Requests
f.  Contact [Name]
On the screen you’ll be able to monitor the number of Lists and Items that have been submitted and their status.  You’ll also see displayed your personal property and contact information.

Please remember to always ‘LOGOUT’ by clicking on the logout button at the top right of the page.
Thank you and we’re here to provide the best quality service in the business.


Warranty Boise Hunter Homes Boise ID Custom Home Builders

If you have any questions about your warranty requests, or are having issues logging in, please feel free to contact:

Customer Care Department:

p: (208) 577-5310

e: warranty@boisehunterhomes.com



repairThings to Know About Request Submittals:

  • Your request will be processed in the order it is received in by our Warranty Supervisor. Generally, this takes 1-3 days.
  • There is no timeline we can guarantee about your submitted issues being resolved – each home and concern is different, and we may not be able to fix the issue without contacting and involving a subcontractor, which can add time to the process.
  • Please be considerate when dealing with our Warranty Department. We know you want your issues resolved – we do, too! And we are working hard to ensure that your home is as good as new in a timely manner.

Before submitting a claim for your Air Conditioning unit, please verify the following:

  • The switch in your breaker box is not tripped.
  • The breaker on the unit is not tripped (not all units have this).
  • The thermostat is flipped to “Cool” and is set below the temperature inside.
  • The batteries in your thermostat have been replaced if more than 10 months has passed.

Warranty Tips Regarding Weather and Water

Snow and Ice

Clear excess snow from downspouts and roof as soon as possible to allow the gutter to drain and to prevent damage and ice damming. Severe ice or snow build-up can damage gutters, and such damage is not covered by the limited warranty.

Standing Water

Small amounts of water (up to one inch) will stand for short periods of time in gutters immediately after rain. No correction is required for these conditions.

Clean Gutters

Maintain the gutters and downspouts so that they are free of debris and able to quickly drain precipitation from the roof.

Ice Dam

On occasion, depending on conditions and exposure, as rising heat from inside your home melts snow on the roof, the water runs down and when it reaches the cold eaves, it may freeze. An accumulation of this type of ice dams the subsequent runoff and the water begins to back up, sometimes working its way up and under shingles, ultimately leading into you home through windows or ceilings.

If your home design or orientation makes it vulnerable to this occurrence, you may want to install an electric gutter heater strip in the susceptible areas.


If a leak occurs, try to detect the exact location. This will greatly simplify finding the area that requires repair when the roof is dry.

Limit Walking

Limit walking on your roof. Your weight and movement can loosen the roofing material and in turn result in leaks. Never walk on the roof of your home when the shingles are wet—they are slippery.

Severe Weather

After severe storms, do a visual inspection of the roof for damages. Notify your insurance company if you find pieces of shingle in the yard or shingle edges lifted on the roof.


Please keep in mind that roof leaks cannot be repaired while the roof is wet. However, you can get on the schedule to be in line when conditions dry out, so do call in your roof leak.

1.      Confirm the source of the water is the roof rather than from a Plumbing leak
2.      Open window on a higher floor
3.      Ice dam
4.      Clogged gutter or downspout
5.      Blowing rain or snow coming in through code required roof vents
6.      Gap in caulking
7.      Where practical, place a container under dripping water.
8.      If a ceiling is involved, use a screwdriver to poke a small hole in the drywall to release the water.
9.      Even if the troubleshooting tips do not identify a solution, the information you gather will be useful to the service provider you call.
10.  Remove personal belongings to prevent damage to them. If damage occurs, contact your homeowner insurance company to submit a claim.
11.  Report the leak to Boise Hunter Homes during first available business hours.

Boise Hunter Homes Limited Warranty Guidelines

Boise Hunter Homes will repair roof leaks other than those caused by severe weather, such as hail damage, or some action you have taken, such as walking on the roof. Roof repairs are made only when the roof is dry.

Ice Dam

An ice build-up (ice dam) may develop in the eaves during extended periods of cold and snow. Your homeowner insurance may cover this damage which is excluded from warranty.

Click here for ice dam removal tips from Traveler’s Insurance

Inclement Weather

Storm damage is excluded from warranty coverage. Notify your homeowner insurance company if storm damage is discovered.