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Welcome Boise Hunter Homeowners!

Congratulations on your new Boise Hunter Home! Below you will find instructions on how to submit a Warranty Request.

Warranty Request Instructions (PLEASE READ)

In order for your warranty portal to be set up with the correct information, please email your name, street address, email address (that you provided during contract) and phone number to Make sure your home address is in the subject line. Please allow five business days for your account to be activated.

Username: Primary email address you provided when submitting your contract to the Sales Team
Password: Your password for the login portal will be password

Once your account has been activated, for your convenience, you may submit your customer service requests online. Simply go to (Please bookmark the Portal website in your browser) click on the Warranty. Using your provided Username and Password, you can login, manage your information, submit new requests, and track the status of past requests. In order to help expedite your request, please attach any photos for reference. The system will ask you for a schedule date; this is a recommendation, not a set schedule.

Pursuant to the warranty provisions and for your protection, all Warranty/Customer Service requests must be submitted to us via this web portal. Emailing or calling either the Warranty Supervisor or various Boise Hunter Homes staff does not guarantee that your issue will be processed in a timely or effective manner.

If you have any questions, please contact (208) 577-5310.

Warranty Portal System

If you have any questions about your warranty requests, or are having issues logging in, please feel free to contact:

Brad McJunkin:
(208) 577-5310

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