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How to Create a Focal Point in Your Custom Kitchen

Posted by Revity on October 5, 2018
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If you’re looking to decorate your kitchen with a strong focal point, we’ve got some suggestions for you! Whether you want to lighten things up with a statement chandelier or brighten up your space with a vibrant fridge, there are many ways to bring a little punch to your kitchen design. Learn how to create a memorable focal point in your custom kitchen with a few of these tips.

Bold Backsplash
Make a splash with your backsplash. Though they are important to the functionality of your kitchen, backsplashes can also add a bold decorative element. Choose a backsplash with bold colors to draw the eye or a pattern to mix things up. Whether it’s a bold color choice or a milder hue with small bits of pattern and color, a backsplash is an opportunity to add a little something to your kitchen décor. A backsplash can be a great way to tie together the design aspects of your kitchen. You can even have your backsplash go all the way to your ceiling for a bold wall that will draw the eye.

Accent Counter Top
An accent countertop is a great addition to any kitchen, particularly to an island. The rest of your kitchen may be adorned with marble or quartz countertops, but adding a show-stopping accent countertop made of wood or granite can easily become the focal point of your entire kitchen. There are unlimited options for countertops out there. Go with a natural stone for a more rustic look or a polished marble for an upscale look. Mix and match countertops to create a dramatic accent. Bring an exciting and unique element to your kitchen design with some functional and beautiful countertops.

Color Accents
Introduce some bold color accents into your kitchen design to create your focal point wherever you want it! Choose some vibrant bar stools, paint your cabinets your favorite color; even your appliances can sport a bright hue and the possibilities are endless. Color is an effortless way to create a focal point and draw the eye where you want it. Your color choices don’t have to be bold and vibrant to make a statement. Well placed color throughout your kitchen will set a tone for your overall aesthetic.

Unique Lighting Fixtures
Good lighting is a must in any kitchen. Adding a decorative lighting fixture like a chandelier (or a few) can bring your kitchen to life. It will add a bright focal point while bringing in more light. Ceiling lights are dull in comparison to a hanging statement piece that can tie your whole kitchen together. Let the first thing you see in your kitchen be light with a unique fixture. Whether you go with a singular large statement piece or a few creative fixtures, lighting up your focal point will certainly add to your kitchen’s design.

A Bold Floor
Be floored by your kitchen floor when you use a bold design to be the focal point of your custom kitchen. Make a statement with a herringbone floor, an old fashion checkered pattern, or a marble floor. There are more possibilities than you may realize when it comes to floors. As it covers so much surface in your kitchen, your flooring can really set the tone for your entire area.

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