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What to Know When Building a Custom Home

Posted by Revity on October 3, 2018
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There are many things to consider when building your custom home. Make the process smoother by considering a few factors beforehand. Don’t be bombarded with decision making as you enter what can be a lengthy process, be prepared and save yourself some hassle.

Know What Home Features You Want
A custom home means customized features. Start out your process by planning out what you want in your home. Research your desired features—their price range, types, sizes, etc. Know what you want and discuss with your builder how to make it happen.

Understand the Timeline and Be Prepared for Delays
While in the planning portion of your custom home journey, map out a timeline of construction with your builder. This timeline will be important as you plan your life around having your home ready to move into. That said, there are often inevitable delays with construction. Some aspects of building can be unpredictable. Plan a timeline—but be flexible about that timeline.

Custom Home Budgets
One of the most important aspects in custom home building is knowing your own budget. To ensure that your custom home comes to a total that is reasonably within your budget, start off assuming that additional costs will come up. Leave a little wiggle room in your budget with things like changes in design, material upgrades, and unforeseen issues come about.

When to Sell Your Current Home
It can be tricky to know when to put your current home on the market. To avoid paying two mortgages, it is advisable to sell and close on your current house before a new house is finished. Closing on a home could take months. Starting the process a few months before your new house will be ready will likely be the smartest move. Even if you quickly sell your home and have some time in between homes, you will not have to deal with a double mortgage. There are options like Air BnB, hotels, month to month apartments, or staying with friends and family.


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