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What Kind of Tub Should You Have in Your Bathroom?

Posted by Revity on August 23, 2018
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A quality tub can provide both function and luxury to a bathroom. When it comes to choosing a tub for you, there are more options than you may know! Customize your bathroom to be the bathroom of your dreams, starting with an indulgent tub.

Three Wall Alcove
The three-wall alcove is the most commonly used tub style and usually doubles as a shower. These tubs are situated between three walls, designed for convenience to fit into a tight space. It’s a space-saving tub, usually with a shower head located at the top. For the most functionality and practicality, the three-wall alcove is a great option.

Corner Tub
A corner tub is usually a triangularly shaped tub located between two walls. These tubs come in a wide variety. They can be freestanding or a drop-in tub. Corner tubs are a great option if you’d a sizable tub without taking up too much space.

Get a classic look with a luxurious feel with a freestanding tub. These stand-alone tubs make a beautiful centerpiece to any bathroom, providing a focal point that draws the eye.

Clawfoot Tub
If you like the freestanding look but want to add a little something to it, try the clawfoot tub. This is a freestanding tub that sits on curved claw feet. These tubs add an element of elegance and a vintage feel to any bathroom.

Drop in Tub
For a sleek and modern look, try the drop-in tub. These tubs are a ‘dropped’ in a platform and can be installed in several locations in a variety of shapes. The surrounding area of the platform can provide a functionality and add to the design of your room.

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