We love happy homeowners!

It seems in the world today we hear more negative than positive, so when we do hear what a great job we are doing, we love to share! Thank you to the Boyer’s for letting us know what a great job we did and if you ever move back to Boise, we will be ready to build your next home!


My wife and I have owned several homes, but our Boise Hunter Home in Dallas Harris Estates is the first time we’ve purchased new construction and worked with a builder. We weren’t quite sure what we were getting ourselves into, but we were impressed with Boise Hunter Homes and its representatives throughout the entire process — from lot selection to post-move warranty work. Our satisfaction has only grown with time, particularly as friends and family have built new homes with other builders in Idaho and other places in the country, and we hear their horror stories and bad experiences. It’s awesome to not be able to relate to what they’ve gone through (though we do feel bad for them).

We’re excited to be returning to Colorado later this month for new career opportunities. We’ll miss the close friends we’ve made here, and we’ll really miss our home. We’ve said to numerous people over the past few weeks how we wish we could put the house on a truck and take it with us.

Like any business owner, I’m sure you hear the negatives more often than the positives, which is why I wanted to write to tell you how much we enjoyed our dealings with BHH. In particular, I want to call attention to Austin Wagner, who has gone above and beyond in every interaction we’ve had with him (and there have been quite a few). Whether it was my myriad questions during the construction phase, or post-construction questions and warranty issues, or even more recent inquiries about our home and some minor issues a full two years after move-in, Austin has always been responsive, courteous and professional. Most important, he sees that things get taken care of, and quickly. I have no doubt that a great deal of the positive feelings we have about BHH is a direct result of Austin and his commitment to his work and the satisfaction of BHH customers.

Brent and Meg Boyer