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Unique Things to Put in Your New Home

Posted by Revity on October 2, 2018
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Make your custom home a personalized design to fit you. Unique additions add value and personality to a house. When you build a customized home, the possibilities are endless!  

A Hidden Room
Hideaway a room for a fun and unexpected addition to your house. A hidden entryway under a staircase, behind a bookshelf, or behind a painting will add an exciting element. Whether it’s a hidden playroom, man cave, or wine cellar, a hidden room may just become your favorite part of your new home.

Built-in, Integrated, or Overlay Refrigerators
When you are designing your custom kitchen, build a cavity for a customized refrigerator. A built-in fridge has the options of exhibiting its original finish or an overlay that matches the cabinetry. An overlay fridge has a cabinetry finish but still resembles a refrigerator, whereas an integrated fridge is covered with the panel and are camouflaged into the cabinetry completely.

Home Theater
Designate a room as a home theater room for an at home entertainment option. Add a wall-mounted screen or built-in projector, some soft seating, and maybe some premium speakers for an intimate theatrical experience.

Under-Cabinet Lights
If you’d like a more practical but still unique addition, add some lights under the cabinets in your kitchen. Light up your countertops and workspace while you cook away in your custom kitchen. Or display your culinary creations with a little extra light.


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