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October Realtor Spotlight

October Realtor Spotlight

Desirae Burlile – New Home Specialist, Saguaro Canyon, Saguaro Springs & Foxtail

Desirae was born and raised in Minnesota. As a student athlete at the University of St. Thomas, Desirae learned that discipline and hard work pay off. After growing up in the frigid winters, she traded in her winter coat for 14 years of sunshine and blue skies in Palm Springs, CA. Here Desirae met her amazing husband of 7 years…a fourth generation Idaho native.
Staying true to her Midwest values, Desirae and her husband moved to Idaho in 2013 after the birth of their daughter. She explains it as the best decision she ever made. The four seasons, friendly people and endless outdoor activities are why Desirae loves calling Idaho home!
Specializing in real estate since 2002, Desirae has vast experience in new home sales and customer service. She is thrilled to join Boise Hunter Homes and share her wealth of knowledge with you. Desirae is a New Home Specialist for two beautiful Meridian communities, Saguaro Canyon and Saguaro Springs as well as our newest Eagle community, Foxtail.  Her hours are DAILY, 11 am – 5 pm.

Just a sample of what we hear about Desirae!

September 12,2014

Mr Jim Hunter

I have been working with Boise Hunter for more than 5 months. Before that I had researched through realtors, homeowners, & subcontractors to determine if Boise Hunter would be a good fit for my personal construction needs. I did hear some things that concerned me, especially as a very busy single mother who did not have someone to help with the building process. I needed a builder that would work with me in a personal way to accommodate the needs of a big family, and especially my special needs daughter and my ailing father… and work within a strict budget. It seemed Boise Hunter was not an ideal choice so I looked elsewhere.

After looking at several subdivisions, I really felt Kingsbridge was the best location for my family. I pursued two privately owner lots, so I could use a “smaller” builder. When those owners were undecided about selling, I finally felt I had no other options but to consider using Boise Hunter. A few months into the process, it wasn’t coming together and it looked like it never would, so I planned to wait & hope for the private lot owners to sell. Then I met Desirae Burlile. An energetic, optimistic, hard working, customer service-driven, dynamo who insisted I had not experienced what Boise Hunter was all about. She had such positive things to say about you and your company. Photos_Lewis-Calkins

I was upfront with her about my concerns and told her I didn’t want to waste her time as I felt certain Boise Hunter could not meet my needs. Her energy, optimism and praise of your company was at the least, intriguing, and I began to feel hopeful again.

Desirae game me answers, solutions & suggestions and never made me feel like a burden with the dozen of questions I shot at her on a regular basis. And she gave them all in hours, not days and weeks.

Her positive attitude, as well as always sharing what she loved & appreciated about Boise Hunter, as well as her getting answers quickly changed everything. She treated us like family that she wanted to help us get a home.

I have 6 children, 5 still at home. My youngest has a rare neurological disorder that leaves her motionless and in a wheelchair part of the time. Also, my father uses a walker & quickly losing mobility and I wanted to have a guest suite in my home so I could care for him.

Accessibility, affordability… and a strict budget. 4 house plans later, an encouraging, hopeful, hardworking realtor-backed up by her colleagues at Zuber Group kept me from just throwing in the towel. I felt like throwing it in at least a few times.

When a bid came in “over budget” for the 3rd time I said I was done and apologized for all the time she has spent this far. I decided to just look for another rental and forget building indefinitely.

There was Desirae, after working hard only to have me say it was too high, she didn’t begrudge me or label me the “waste of time” client. She told me to take some time and we would talk after I got back from a trip.

Desirae’s attitude, concern and honest desire to keep helping me led me to consider reevaluating my needs and to come up with “another” plan… Way beyond “Plan B” at this point. More like somewhere around plan X or Y..or so it felt 🙂

My last ditch effort was to cut out everything I possible could… No fireplace, patio cover, decorator windows, and even zero entry for wheelchairs. After all, I could just make wood ramps and save thousands… still, I was a few thousand over, even with the generous deduction from Boise Hunter (Many thanks to John Chandler).

Yesterday, I gave the final list to Desirae and asked her to see what she could do. Later I learned that she and members of Zuber group and other members of your staff met for over 2 hours and all teamed up to make a house possible for my family. And I even got to keep the fireplace and patio. Yea!

Since meeting Desirae I have completely changed my opinion of Boise Hunter Homes. And although I shared with family & friends some of my initial frustrations I want you to know I will go out of my way to share what a wonderful team you have. I have already begun doing so.

I have worked in retail, customer service, banking, and the last many years as an RN. I have attended many seminars & trainings on customer service and I am a strong advocate that it is the key to success in any organization. Good customer service makes up for the unavoidable errors, Photos_Lewis-Calkins-kidsoversights, miscommunication and even neglect that can, and do happen-even in the best of businesses. It’s not about what can go wrong but what can be done to make it right. Boise Hunter did that, and did it so well, even better that I expected or imagined.

I would not have wanted to be building with Boise Hunter if not for Desirae and I would not be able to afford building if it were not for Desirae, Zuber Group & for your Generous, Kindhearted and Sacrificing staff who could have written me off knowing another buyer would soon replace me, but instead chose to make my impossible dream become possible.

I have been very emotional since yesterday when Desirae called me and said they all made sacrifices to meet my budget. Heartwarming is a great understatement. Me, certainly then difficult client, with all the questions, changes, restrictions & requests, was taken care of in more than a professional, customer-service minded way but in a caring, generous & respectful way. I felt my needs were not only accommodated, but understood and appreciated. So, the “big” builder acted with a “small” builder attitude to give me the personal, exceptional service I needed. That is some pretty amazing stuff going on with your company.

Thank you so, so much. I feel grateful and humbled but this whole experience. I would recommend your company to anyone, and I will.


Wendy S. Lewis-Calkins

P.S. I have enclosed a picture of my family, as well as a picture of my children jumping for joy at our building lot in Kingsbridge on the day I signed the contract & paid my earnest money. A happy bunch!