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Dos and Don’ts of Kitchen Design

Posted by Revity on September 12, 2018
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Don’t forget functionality.
It can be easy to put your entire focus on the aesthetic of your design and forget about the functionality. But no matter how your kitchen looks, if it’s not functional, it won’t be of use to you. Make sure that you don’t position cooking appliances under windows or near inward opening doors.

Do maximize on space.
Make the most of the space that you have for your new kitchen. To maximize on your storage, try adding a hanging pot rack or an island with cupboards and storage. Don’t forget about that ever-important counter space either!

Do your research.
Think about what you like and don’t like in your current kitchen space. Keep the perks you enjoy and improve on what needs improving. Consider what you will be using this new kitchen for. What does it need to be most useful kitchen for you?

Do consider how many people will be using your kitchen.
Taking into consideration the amount of people that will be in your kitchen regularly can change your design. You may need more cupboard space or space for an extra fridge. Be sure to take your specific needs into account.

Don’t DIY the whole thing.
There is a lot of your kitchen you can DIY, but don’t undertake the entire project alone. It is a lot to cover. Be particularly careful with plumbing and wiring, those sorts of issues can wreck a kitchen and cause long term problems. Be sure to hire or at least consult a few professionals in your kitchen design.

Don’t forget the kitchen triangle.
The kitchen triangle is the idea that the sink, stove, and refrigerator should form a “work triangle”. Take this into account when designing your layout to make your workflow a little smoother.

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