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TESTIMONIALS Boise Hunter Homes Boise Idaho

The McCandlishs

Jan and Jim,

I just finished moving into my new Boise Hunter Home in Harris Crossing and I wanted you to know what an outstanding job your entire team did.  For my experience in the process I worked with Truely Loescher who was backed up by Desirae Burlile.  Turely took me thru the sales process very professionally and completely.  No stone was left unturned.  She was able to answer most all of my questions and, if she could not, she immediately obtained  the answer.  Once I went thru the initial process she assisted me with various enhancement ideas that I could do with the property.  She then introduced me to Stephanie Yates to clarify the interior design and to further tweak the finished design.  Stephanie was very helpful selecting alternative fixtures/colors/floor coverings, etc.

Once that was done Rollo Bird, Austin and Kyle set the plan in motion and created a very fine finished home.  They also completed it on time and within the price that we discussed.  Rollo was always available to answer questions and to follow up on the laundry list of completion items.  The various walkthrough meetings were well conducted and the punch list competed very timely.

While Rollo was doing his thing, Turely and Desirae helped me with the appraisal process and secured an appraisal that met all the needs of my banker.

All in all my experience with the Boise Hunter home team was very satisfying and I wanted you to know that you have assembled and outstanding team.

Thanks for all you have done.

The Boyers


My wife and I have owned several homes, but our Boise Hunter Home in Dallas Harris Estates is the first time we’ve purchased new construction and worked with a builder. We weren’t quite sure what we were getting ourselves into, but we were impressed with Boise Hunter Homes and its representatives throughout the entire process — from lot selection to post-move warranty work. Our satisfaction has only grown with time, particularly as friends and family have built new homes with other builders in Idaho and other places in the country, and we hear their horror stories and bad experiences. It’s awesome to not be able to relate to what they’ve gone through (though we do feel bad for them).

We’re excited to be returning to Colorado later this month for new career opportunities. We’ll miss the close friends we’ve made here, and we’ll really miss our home. We’ve said to numerous people over the past few weeks how we wish we could put the house on a truck and take it with us.

Like any business owner, I’m sure you hear the negatives more often than the positives, which is why I wanted to write to tell you how much we enjoyed our dealings with BHH. In particular, I want to call attention to Austin Wagner, who has gone above and beyond in every interaction we’ve had with him (and there have been quite a few). Whether it was my myriad questions during the construction phase, or post-construction questions and warranty issues, or even more recent inquiries about our home and some minor issues a full two years after move-in, Austin has always been responsive, courteous and professional. Most important, he sees that things get taken care of, and quickly. I have no doubt that a great deal of the positive feelings we have about BHH is a direct result of Austin and his commitment to his work and the satisfaction of BHH customers.

The McFarlins


We wanted to reach out and let you know how much we are enjoying our new home in Sky Mesa.  There are so many things we love about our new home, but we wanted to express our appreciation around the courteous service the employees at Boise Hunter Homes provided us during our experience.

Your design staff Nik, Jill and Stephanie did a phenomenal job capturing the vision we saw from beginning to end.  We sent Nik endless structural changes and with each modification Nik came back with a design that exceeded our expectations. The selection process was so enjoyable as Jill and Stephanie were helpful in making the two days so fun.  It was exciting to see it all come together at the end of day two!

John and Lena were so helpful keeping us in the loop during each phase of the project schedule and providing us with updates when needed.

With the lease on our apartment ending and a grandson arriving in mid-June we had a tight schedule to meet.  With the help of Clayton and David we were able to meet that deadline. We can’t begin to tell you how appreciative we were of everyone’s hard work to make that happen.  Clayton was very helpful anytime we called or texted him night or day.  He made certain every detail was taken care of and followed back up with timely updates.  Brad and Chad were also also very supportive when we had questions to do with the process and provided us with assurance the deadline commitment would be met.

We were also very impressed with your sub-contractors.  Specifically, Matt with Nampa flooring.  Matt was so helpful in explaining the process of what was going to transpire with each phase and addressed any concerns we had.  Matt’s professionalism and commitment to quality work was greatly appreciated!

Lastly, we would like to thank Boise Hunter Homes for the beautiful flowers we received congratulating our family on the birth of our grandson.  What a thoughtful gesture!

Our sincere appreciation for a job well done to you and your staff at Boise Hunter Homes Jim!

 The Jans

Dear Jim,

Now that we’ve unpacked every box and hung all of our pictures, I feel it’s high time to sit down and write you to tell you how much we love our new home! As you may remember, we were corporate gypsies for +35 years and have owned homes in a dozen cities around the U.S. and in Europe. Without question, our Boise Hunter home is the best designed, best built home we’ve ever had. We get up every morning and pinch ourselves, saying how lucky we are that we found BHH and the Rolling Hills community.

After our meeting at your office last March, you made it very clear to us that you had the desire to build us the home we dreamed of and that you had the team and operating systems to deliver it as promised. It’s not that we doubted what you said, but we would be less than honest if we didn’t tell you that we were a bit nervous about how this was all going to get done when we were 2,700 miles away because our past experience with other builders was not all that reassuring. Well, as it turned out, we needn’t have worried because your team delivered everything and more and kept us involved in the process every step of the way. They are true professionals and wonderful individuals, one and all. You must be very proud of their accomplishments.

We would be remiss, however, for not singling out a couple of people who we feel deserve our special thanks. Chuck Rosco performed at an extraordinarily high level week in and week out. His weekly photographs of the progress the team was making helped us maintain our sanity through what turned out to be a very complex and trying summer for us back on Hilton Head. He never stopped communicating or sending the photos even after he was reassigned to your Henry’s Fork community and had to drive up to Rolling Hills just for us. He is a phenomenal representative for your company and we feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Stephanie Yates is also someone we feel deserves our special thanks. She really made the house come alive for us at the outset as she guided us through several arduous days of selections. It was hard work but she was able to help us find standard materials that kept us within budget for the most part. And her meticulous documentation of every detail, no matter how small, proved to be the key element in giving us the peace of mind that we could actually build a home from such a great distance because everything had been decided at the beginning. No surprises = no worries.

We know that BHH has dozens of homes under construction this year (good for you!) and believe that your staff must have been very hard pressed to deliver our home when they did. We also think that it is likely that a good number of them never got to see the finished home. So to thank you, Jan and the whole BHH team that worked on our home, Deborah and I would like to host an open house for the team so that we can personally thank them and let them see what a great job they did.

The Bantas

Things have been pretty busy with moving in and all the follow-up touch up but I wanted to send you a quick note and say thank you again for everything. You have been at our side since day one and I wanted you to know how thankful we all are for your expertise, guidance, and support thought the entire home buying process. You and the Boise Hunter team have helped my family realize a dream and our house has been a cornerstone in this new journey. With each passing day our new house becomes our new home and I wanted to extend a personal thank you to you and everyone at Boise Hunter for helping make this happen. We have been through the new home process a couple of times before but I can say that unquestionably our work and partnership with Boise Hunter has been by far the best experience we have ever had. I know we still have a few things to do around the house and yard moving forward but now that we have completed the first milestone of moving in, I wanted to take the opportunity now to say thank you and let you know that we absolutely love our home, neighborhood, and community!

Barclay Construction

My clients were looking for a home in the Harris Ranch Subdivision and the only available model was just sold. The agents representing Boise Hunter Homes made their existing model home available. They would sell us their model home and rent back until a new model home was built. Very accommodating and professional. The quality of the home is outstanding and my clients are very pleased.

The Sneskos

My husband and I had Boise Hunter Homes build a custom home for us. It was an incredible experience!

We honestly feel like we hit the jackpot when we found this builder. It was amazing how smoothly the building progressed. They started the project in Sept. and we moved into our dream home Dec. 15 just in time for the holidays.

We are so happy to recommend to our friends the Boise Hunter folks to build a home for them. We had heard for years how hard it is for a married couple to build a home together. Not so. The Boise Hunter staff working with us has given us some of our fondest memories. We wouldn’t hesitate to have them build another home for us but since we are seniors we are happy to stay in the home of our dreams…this one.

Oh, by the way their attention to detail is amazing from the floors to the ceiling..perfection. Love, love, love this home! Tony and Valelrie Snesko

User review via Houzz.com

We had a fantastic build experience with Boise Hunter Homes. The entire team worked so well together to complete our project on time and on budget. We especially appreciated the help of BHH’s design coordinator, who took us to all of our appointments with suppliers at the beginning of the project and made the process of achieving a harmonious look a pleasure. There were so many options that are standard for this builder and not an “upgrade”! We especially love the tall doors and high ceilings (a signature design feature of Boise Hunter Homes) that give our home such a spacious feel.

As we watched our “Austin” being built we (and our neighbors observing the process) were impressed with the quality of the work at each stage and with the teamwork and professionalism of the subs hired by BHH.

We love our new home and heartily recommend Boise Hunter Homes to anyone.