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7 Reasons Building a New Home is Better than Buying

Posted by Revity on August 22, 2018
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To build or to buy? There is a lot to consider with such a big decision. As you weigh your options, ponder a few of these reasons for building a custom home.  

  • It’s cheaper!
    Get more bang for your buck. Generally, it is cheaper to build a new house than to buy an existing house of the same size. Of course, this will differ based on location and the specifics of the house. But often, purchasing land and building on it can save you some money.
  • You can customize your house.
    Make your house your home. When you build, you have the benefit of customizing it to fit your needs. Whether your needs include a bigger kitchen, a more spacious bedroom, or an indoor slide, you can ensure those needs are met when you build.
  • You can build a mortgage-free house.
    Did you know that you can build a home and be debt free? Talk to your broker or real estate agent about your options before you start to build.
  • It’s less of a pain to maintain.
    Lower maintenance equals lower cost (and less pain). Older houses tend to need more upkeep. Over the years, pouring money into a fixer-upper starts to add up.
  • No hidden problems!
    When you buy a house you also buy its problems. You may be dealing with poor plumbing, design flaws, electric wiring problems, or other issues for years to come.
  • Smarter equity.
    When you are involved in the building process of your house, selecting and purchasing your own business materials, you can be sure to build a house that appraises for more than the cost to build. That increases your value and your equity!
  • They are more energy-efficient.
    Old houses tend to use more energy, often because of poor insulation, making them more expensive to keep warm or cool. Building a new and custom home, you can use techniques to be more energy efficient and save on those monthly energy bills.

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