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4 Coolest Showers for Your Custom Bathroom

4 of the Coolest Showers to Add to Your Custom Bathroom

4 of the Coolest Showers to Add to Your Custom Bathroom

Your custom bathroom can be a place of luxury and comfort. When you build your custom home, make your bathroom a place where you want to spend your time. Create your dream bathroom while increasing the value of your home with a few of these unique shower ideas.

Rainfall Showerhead

A rainfall showerhead is a large shower head that is connected to the ceiling, creating the illusion of rainfall. This luxurious and total body coverage makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of your home and into a spa. This feeling of showering in the rain is a luxurious addition to any shower.

LED Shower

The LED shower experience combines LED lighting and color therapy. You can change the colors of your shower on command. Match the color of your shower to your current mood or program your LED showerhead to have the light change with the water’s temperature. Make your shower a true sensory experience with this feature.

His and Hers Shower

Put a pair of showers in your home with His and Her Showers. Whether you have two completely separate showers or just one large shower with two shower heads, the double shower can be very beneficial for any couple. Never have the “I get to shower first” fight ever again with this addition to your bathroom!

Heat Sensitive Tiles

As the name implies, heat sensitive tiles change colors based on their temperature—i.e. when the water in your shower is hotter or colder, it will cause the tiles to change color. You can go through the entire color spectrum during your shower time depending on the temperature of the water spraying your shower walls. Add a little color to your morning routine!